Time Trials a Success!

    Time Trials was a huge success! Thank you for getting the swimmers there and volunteering to help. A special shout out to the parent volunteers. This was hard to pull together and we did it!

    The coaches are so proud of our new teammates for diving in and the awesome sportsmanship of cheering together for the team. Congrats to the many swimmers who swam their first 25m or 50m race and/or tried a stroke they had never done before. If you have any questions about Saturday, please ask me and I will do my best to help! You can check out your Lazer's times from Saturday on Swimtopia now when you log in. Our website is now updated with all the current times from last and this year! If your Lazer swam something Saturday but there is no time, that means they Disqualified (DQ) in that stroke. The coaches will go over with all the swimmers this week what the main disqualifications were and show the kids how to do it correctly. If you want to know the specific DQ for your child, ask me and I will look it up.

    WEEK #1 TO DO NOW:

    Please register HERE weekly every Tuesday (TOMORROW) for all meets, volunteer spots and activities through the following Monday. For this week sign up attending or not attending for the 6/23 Swim Meet against Long Branch, and 6/25 B meet at Annandale on Monday! Remember we need to know as soon as possible if your swimmer is attending or not attending in order to make meet decisions. These are both home meets so we will need everyone's help to pull them off. We need all swimmers and parents to prioritize being available for Saturday morning. Do not assume that your child is not swimming if they don't have the top 3 times. The coaches and team reps consider many factors in choosing who will swim and what they will swim. You will know by Thursday if your swimmer is swimming on Saturday or not. Please remind your swimmers to please swim what they are asked to swim without complaint in order to do what is best for the team. They can swim what they want at the Monday night meets as long as they didn't place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in that stroke on Saturday.

    You can still invite your friends to join the team. All ages welcome! We could use some 13/14 girls and especially boys of all ages.

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