​We swim - We win!

    As the Data Coordinator, I get wowed every week putting in our team’s results! Individually, these athletes are Earning It week after week! Kids are swimming things legal now that in the beginning they were getting DQ slips for. But wait there’s more! Our athletes are doing all this by practicing hard, cheering each other on and showing great sportsmanship by shaking the other team’s hands and being encouraging too!

    In 6 meets, EVERY kid who has swam in more than one meet has gotten at least one Personal Best. That equals 57 athletes getting 197 Personal Bests in just 6 meets! 197 Personal Bests!! 10 other swimmers tried swimming a new stroke or a new length for the first time! Let me just give a special shout out to those swimmers who have dropped 10 or more seconds in a stroke this season - Nikki B. (11.98); Howard H. (23.45); Jack M. (11.23); Gabby N. (10.66, 10.91); David E. (21.43); Macy B. (10.65); Jonathan L. (13.88, 11.26); Reid N. (18.47); Nayana B. (14.53); Anna P. (17.35); Timothy R. (12.08). Then there is Kathryn E, Emma F, Annabella H, Charlotte H, Micah L, Kathryn L, Sophia M, Alonzo S, Buddy S, Maria W, Peter C, Alex G, Carolina B, Jake Q, Janelle S, Miles M, Daniella M, Maddie J and Delaney S who have dropped 4 seconds or more in stroke! Now you see the WOW!

    Parents - since this is a team rebuilding year - let’s be sure to encourage our swimmers successes - whether it be a new personal best, swimming a stroke for the first time, swimming it legally for the first time or just plain getting in the water and doing their best! Because clearly every time they swim, we win!

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